Foods to Limit if you Have Osteoarthritis

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Our joints are protected by a cushion of cartilage that provides friction between the bones and makes them flexible. But when we age, these cartilages can wear away and break down which leads to a condition called Osteoarthritis (OA). OA is characterized by severe joint pain, inflammation and swelling of joints. It can also reduce the flexibility of your joints along with making them stiff.

There are some arthritis remedies you can try at home that will help you to curb OA to a great extent. One of the most effective home remedies is to control your diet. By eliminating some foods from your diet, you can prevent osteoarthritis from getting worse. The below mentioned are a few of such food items that will help you to reduce your OA flare-ups:


Food items that contain a high amount of sugar can damage your immune system that may worsen your already present osteoarthritis. Hence it is important to avoid these foods, such as cakes, cookies and other such bakery items for arthritis prevention and curbing your arthritis symptoms getting worse.

Instead of refined sugar, you can include honey or pure maple syrup in your diet if you cannot live without sugar.


Intake of too much salt causes the cells in your body to retain water. As a result of this, they will swell up. This can result in an inflammatory reaction that may lead to joint damage. Hence, it is better to limit salt consumption to a small amount for reducing your OA symptoms. Most of the processed foods will have high-amount of salt in them; therefore curb their use as much as possible.

White Flour

Refined wheat products such as white bread can stimulate the inflammatory response of your body. Therefore, eating a lot of refined cereals, pasta and grain products may increase your osteoarthritis pain. Hence, it is better to include whole grain products in your diet as much as possible, instead of refined ones.

Fried Foods

Fried foods like doughnuts, fries, etc. contain a high amount of saturated fats. This can increase the joint inflammation thereby making the osteoarthritis pain getting worse. The oils used to cook such foods can also raise your cholesterol level. Therefore, it is better to avoid them from your diet for arthritis prevention.


Experts usually advise to reduce alcohol consumption if you have OA. Commercial alcohol products, especially beer, can have high levels of purines in them which can contribute to OA flare-ups.