Understanding Arthritis Treatment

Types Of Arthritis
Types Of Arthritis
Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis Treatment

Can arthritis be cured permanently? A lot of people suffering from this condition have the same question. Unfortunately, medications or treatments for curing arthritis are not available yet. Arthritis treatments that are advised by your doctor are intended to control its symptoms and improve your health. They are not capable of giving you permanent relief from arthritis.

Different treatment methods including medications and lifestyle changes can be ordered by your doctor for effectively managing arthritis. The method of treatment can vary based on the type of arthritis you are suffering from. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the form of arthritis that you have to take the right treatment.

Common Types Of Arthritis

It may not be always possible for you to identify the type of arthritis you are suffering from, as certain symptoms of these conditions can mimic the signs of other conditions. Therefore, we list some of the commonly found forms of arthritis in people for your knowledge.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This is an autoimmune disorder that might have a severe impact on your health and personal life. You can experience a wide array of symptoms associated with this condition including joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, lumps under the skin, fever, joint deformity, etc.

Osteoarthritis: This condition is formed as a result of the deterioration of cartilages that are responsible for cushioning the end of your bones at the joints. This can cause your bones to rub against each other thereby leading to extreme pain and inflammation. Osteoarthritis can also cause mobility issues and bone spurs.

Gout: Gout is a form of arthritis that develops as a result of high levels of uric acid circulating through your system. Gout can cause severe inflammation, stiffness, warmth, and pain in your joints. It can also affect other internal organs in your body.

Common Arthritis Treatments

Some of the common treatment options available for managing your arthritis symptoms are:

Medications: Arthritis medications can be beneficial to control the pain, inflammation, and other symptoms associated with this condition. Your doctor might also prescribe some drugs to control the development of your disease and prevent your condition from becoming worse.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapies are intended to improve your mobility, increase the strength of your joints, and boost flexibility.

Lifestyle Changes: Your doctor might advise you to make some lifestyle changes including following a healthy diet plan, engaging in regular exercises, taking proper rest, etc. to control your arthritis symptoms.

These treatment options can help to alleviate various health issues resulting from arthritis.