How To Live Better Life When You Have Arthritis?

Arthritis Symptoms
Arthritis Symptoms
Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis Treatment

Being afflicted with arthritis can be a source of stress and anxiety. For many people, performing daily tasks can be difficult because of the pain and stiffness. Even simple tasks, such as putting on socks or cooking dinner, can be taxing. Athletes must therefore take extra care of themselves in order to relieve pain, improve function, and cope with the emotional strain of arthritis.

When it comes to osteoarthritis in the hip and knee, the American College of Rheumatology suggests both medication and non-drug arthritis treatments. There are a variety of methods to lose weight, including physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage.

Here are some of the easy ways to lead a better life and manage arthritis symptoms.

Try To Reduce Stress

Whenever possible, try to avoid positions or movements that put extra stress on the joints. If you have arthritis in your hands, for example, it can be difficult to open a tight lid. One solution is to set the jar on a cloth, lean on the jar with your palm, and turn the lid using a shoulder motion. Better yet, purchase a wall-mounted jar opener that grips the lid, leaving both hands free to turn the jar.

Plan Your Life Ahead

Simplify your life as much as you can. Consider reducing or eliminating unnecessary tasks (such as buying clothing that doesn’t require ironing). Sort work and storage areas, and keep frequently used items within easy reach of the work area. Keep duplicates of household items in multiple locations, such as cleaning supplies in the kitchen and all bathrooms.

Keep Yourself Active

It is important to not stay in one position for too long. When working at a desk, for example, get up every 15 minutes and stretch. When you’re at home reading or watching television, do the same as you would when you’re out.

Figure out Your Strength

Use the strongest joints and muscles you have. Open heavy doors with the side of your arm or shoulder to protect your fingers and wrists. You can reduce hip and knee pain by leading with the stronger leg going up and the weaker leg going down.

Make Small Changes In Your Home

Housecleaning can be made easier by putting casters on your furniture. Having a grab bar mounted over the tub and a suction mat in the tub to prevent falls are necessities for many people. It’s a good idea for people with arthritis in the legs to use a bathing stool in the tub or shower.