Can You Control Arthritis Naturally?

Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms
Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms
Arthritis Medication
Arthritis Medication

Arthritis is an ailment that plagues million across the world. Take the situation of America; there are close to 54 million patients or 34% of the adult population that are fighting against this particular disease. Patients are often put in their tracks because most of the time, this disease cripples you by making even the most simplest of task the most painful and arduous one. An act of hopping up a flight of stairs or opening a ketchup jar will leave you teary eyed and your face grimacing with excruciating pain.

Most of the time, patients are overburdened by the exhaustive list of arthritis medication and would want to try out a healthier and a more natural alternative to help them combat this illness. There are natural arthritis treatment and dietary changes that you must make to give you a chance at reclaiming your life. Read on…

  • Strengthen Joints And Muscles

The reason why it pains from simple movement is because of the lack of sufficient strength in the muscles, tendons and bones supporting the joint. Try going for water aerobics and swimming at your local community pool. Under no circumstances must you take part in high- impact sports like running and weight training. These will do more harm than good!

  • Shed The Pounds

If you have begun to tip the weighing scale, then it is time you start taking your weight seriously. Your joints are already under due stress, and adding onto the frame more fat will only further reduce the mobility, increase the pain and increase the chances of your joints buckling under the weight.

Make the necessary dietary changes which will involve cutting off carbonated drinks and sweet stuff!

  • Adding Turmeric To Dishes

Turmeric is a natural occurring spice that is commonly used in most Asian countries. It has a warm, bitter taste. But it is not for the taste that you’ll be having it. The turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory due to the presence of a chemical called Curcumin.

You can add it into your diet or simply apply it at the joints and massage with a hot cloth to help ease the pain.

  • Get Yourself A Massage More Frequently

A reason to visit the local spa more often, or else you can learn to self-massage. Massages help increase the blood circulation in the muscles and joints, accelerating the healing process. It further does a great job in improving the range of motion and reduces the stiffness of the joints.

These are a few of the changes that you can adopt right from today, and you’ll be surprised of the results.