Best Exercises For Managing Knee Arthritis

Arthritis Symptoms
Arthritis Symptoms
Arthritis In Knee
Arthritis In Knee

One of the main reasons for your recurrent knee pain is arthritis. According to experts, millions of Americans suffer from this inflammatory condition. Severe joint pain and inflammation are the common arthritis symptoms. Even though there are some medications available for managing these conditions, doctors also recommend doing some exercise regularly to manage the pain and lower the inflammation levels.

Here are some exercises that you can try when you have arthritis in knee.

Hamstring Stretch

Both legs should be bent when you lie on the ground or in bed. Slowly raise one leg, keeping it bent, and bring it back to your chest. Bring your straight leg to your forehead until you feel a stretch on the back of your thigh. Hold the motion for about a minute and repeat the exercise a few times.

Leg Raise

Keep both of your arms at your sides and keep the toes up when you lie on the bed or ground for this exercise. Lift your leg several inches while keeping it horizontal and stiffening your leg muscles. Tighten the muscles in your stomach and press your lower back to the ground. Slowly lower your leg after holding the position for 5 seconds. The quadriceps, which are the huge muscles on the fronts of your thighs that connect to your knee joints, are strengthened with this exercise.

One-Leg Dip

You should hold on to two chairs for support and raise one leg 12 inches in front of you and stretch it out. Bend the opposite leg slowly and drop your body slightly, like you were going to sit. Make sure to cross the raised leg in front of the bent leg, but not in front. Straighten your back up after 5-7 seconds. Then, switch to the other leg and continue. This exercise is beneficial for your front thigh muscles and lower back muscles.


To do this exercise, you need to keep your arms out in front and stand with your feet apart. Then you have to bend your knees slowly and come to a seating position. If necessary, lean against a chair for support. Don’t lean forward; instead, keep your back and chest straight. With your feet flat on the ground, you should hold that position for 5-7 seconds. And then slowly rise to the first position and repeat the exercise a few times.