Arthritis Treatment – Alternate Options For Prescription Medication

Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis Treatment

Once diagnosed, arthritis needs immediate care and a treatment plan well suited for the patient. From the number of treatment options available for arthritis patients, they can choose the one that is appropriate to deal with their specific symptoms. Most people go with a combination of multiple therapies to strike the balance.

Treatment Using Medication

Arthritis treatment using prescription medication is a proven method to ease joint pain and manage arthritis symptoms. Most medicines work by reducing the inflammation in the body; the root cause of most arthritis symptoms. While some medications target inflammation, few others directly deal with unbearable joint pain caused by the condition. Oral medications can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects like gastrointestinal problems. Biologic medicines that are administered through infusion or by injection are a recent development in the field of rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Treatment Using Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be helpful in treating arthritis induced pain in joints. Regular physical therapy sessions can help increase muscle strength, provide better support to affected joints, reduce stiffness in joints and facilitate increased mobility in arthritis patients. Studies have shown improved pain management and better physical function after regular physical therapy sessions.

Along with learning how to move and stretch properly, patients also see improvement in the ability to perform ordinary functions like walking, climbing stairs, sitting and standing comfortably, etc. Physical therapy is a non-invasive method that doesn’t involve surgery or prescription medication. For people who have arthritis that has not progressed much, this is an ideal way to start managing the condition. Physical therapy should be started after consulting with your doctor and finding a good therapist, preferably on the doctor’s recommendation.

Topical Applications For Pain Relief

Arthritis patients often suffer from mild to chronic pain in the affected areas, depending on the severity and progression of the condition. Pain relieving creams, gels and ointments are topical applications that can help control arthritis related pain to a great extent. The topical cream can be rubbed onto the affected area for quick relief from pain. This method doesn’t cause gastrointestinal side effects common to oral medications.

With the advancement in medicine, arthritis patients have many effective treatment options at their disposal to help alleviate the pain and other symptoms related to this condition. An ideal treatment plan curated to individual needs can be worked out with the help of a medical expert.