Best CBD Products To Help Ease Pain From Arthritis

The close to $1 billion CBD business has flourished ever since the passing of the Farm Bill 2018 that officially made CBD-derived hemp legal at a federal level across all the 50 states. What this meant, was the rise in opportunities for hemp farmers and CBD producers to package and help reach out CBD from the east to the way to the west coast. People have opened their arms to CBD as the word got out and the dense air of stigma dispersed to what we see today.

The multitude of effects that CBD made available to the users only strengthened the argument as to why patients and every single citizen should have access to this miracle drug. The millennials are leading the battlefront and are the biggest supporters of legalizing not just marijuana derived CBD but marijuana as well. 2/3­rd of the American population believe in the complete legality of the lifesaving drug. It is only a matter of time until bills are passed, and all of this turns from a distant dream to a living reality.

One of the key uses of CBD is in curbing arthritis, because as many as 54 million Americans have some form of the arthritis, or gout, or lupus, or fibromyalgia. A staggering 20% or 1 in every 5 Americans are being affected by chronic pain from a range of autoimmune disorders. CBD however has come as the knight in shining armour, striving to protect and give each and every arthritis patient a fighting chance in overcoming the challenges that this ailment throws at them. We will be running through the top CBD products that you can avail to help you battle arthritis.

The Inflamed Killer: Arthritis

The inflammation of the joints is the trademark symptom of this ailment. This is included by the soreness, reddening, decreased range of motion at the joints. The effects may be mild or severe, affecting one’s ability to do otherwise seemingly easy normal to do task such as walking, opening jars, climbing the stairs or engaging in things you enjoy, and turning it into an arduous ordeal.

What is funny is that there are over 400 plus pharmaceuticals that are used to treat arthritis and related disorders; and with the astounding array of medicine that one can choose from, still there are millions who are in excruciating pain. Why? The medicines in the market are not adequate, in all scenarios to beat the ailment. This is why CBD has stepped into the fray.

Cannabidiol: The Knight In Shining Armour

What catapulted CBD to stardom is its range in benefit that not only takes care of the pain relief and inflammation control, but also the homeostasis, mood and mental well-being. Those with arthritis and related disorders may be awakened in the middle of the night because of the sharp pain, or the immense pain that turns the widest of smiles into a worried frown riddled with anxiety.

CBD is the all-rounded herbal supplement that comes with 100 other cannabinoids when obtained from a cannabis plant. Hemp is also another source where you can get CBD although with a weakened potency. The CBD stands out from the other cannabinoids due to its strong therapeutic nature. The effect of calmness and soothed nerves that the miracle drug induces in the patient is one of the reasons why it is chosen and stands out from the other cannabinoids.

The cherry on top of the cake, you ask? Ingesting CBD will not get you intoxicated under any circumstances. The older generation are usually the ones confused and have the misconception that CBD and marijuana are one and the same. But that is far from the truth, as the marijuana that everyone knows by, with its delusions and feelings of “high” when consumed, is because of a substance in the plant called as THC. The THC or tetrahydrocannabinol as it is called is known for creating such strong effects of psychosis. This is a property that is non-existent in CBD.

We will have a look into the CBD products that will make a marked difference in how you fight against arthritis and arthritis related ailments.

Top CBD Products For Arthritis

  • Kanibi- Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Ground-breaking CBD strain created by this company is already making waves in the CBD business. The best thing that this full spectrum CBD offers is that, it’s the best CBD for arthritis. The entourage effect offered gives a well-rounded effect that boosts the overall effect of the oil when ingested. Most of their produce is 100% organic US grown Hemp. They ensure strict standards are followed and it is certified by a set of 2 other 3rd party labs. This means you get what you pay for, and more!

You may also make use of their Enhanced sports line of CBD creams to apply at the joints or site of pain.

  • Joy Organic- Cbd Thc-Free Full Spectrum Tincture 1000 mg

One of the upcoming companies that has begun making its mark in the industry, thanks to its attention to quality, prompt customer service and great quality products. The best thing is that although it is full-spectrum the THC has been completely removed, so that you don’t miss out on the goodness of the other cannabinoids at same time be on the right side of the law. It is fast acting and potent and get to work the minute it makes its way into your body. Lab testing reports are all available on their website for consumers to cross-check for authenticity.

  • Endoca-CBD Derived Hemp Oil Capsules

This is an ideal choice for those who find it difficult to swallow with the earthy musk in every single taste bud on their tongue. The sometimes bitter flavour puts off a lot of people, which is why Endoca’s oil capsules will mask the flavour with a non-GMO, vegan, Gluten free capsule covering. What is more is the wallop dose of 50mg that pack quite the punch; you know for a fact that all that CBD goodness will be in your system in no time. The USP of the company is the eco-friendly approach that they have adopted to produce some of the quality, best CBD for arthritis. There are no preservatives or artificial colours, and that coupled with a clean CO2 method of extraction and organically home grown hemp, gives you a product that stands the test of time in terms of quality and value!

  • Medterra-CBD Topical Cooling Cream

A topical CBD cooling cream that wins brownie points for how easy and hassle free it is to apply it! Each pump of the 3.4 oz. bottle makes it easy for application on the hard to reach places like the upper back. There is no need to either massage it in, as upon application the CBD cooling cream will get to work. These products are all third-party tested and are free from impurities and contaminants. The cooling effect of the cream is another cherry on the cake and you will feel lightened and breezy after the pump of the bottle.

  • Charlotte’s Web-Original Formula CBD Oil

Anybody who has been following the journey of CBD being loved and accepted by the masses would have come across Charlotte’s story. The American child with a rare seizure condition, for whom modern over-the-counter medicine was helpless, was magically treated and controlled when her mother sought the help of Stanley brother’s cannabis oil. The oil became an overnight sensation among the masses with many news stories and twitter buzz praising the brothers and their magic antidote. This CBD oil is the same more potent form of the original, and is grown, packaged by none other than the brothers. This is one CBD oil brand that does a wonderful job in treating the inflammation and reducing the effects of the arthritis pain. It consists of 80 other beneficial cannabinoids from terpenes and Chromenes to help give that CBD oil an added “kick”!

How To Choose The Right CBD Product For Arthritis?

Simply taking CBD in is not enough. The way you take it and the product you take also play an important role in the overall effectiveness of the CBD product. Make sure to thoroughly research any CBD product that you are going to buy; make sure that they have the right certification clearly stating the concentration of the various cannabinoids in it. Also make sure that the testing for the CBD product has been done via third-party testing laboratory.

If you feel that pain and inflammation are not the only symptoms that you want to treat, then it is best to go for a full-spectrum CBD derived hemp product rather than a broad spectrum or isolate form of extract. The entourage effect in the former will help you treat a wide range of symptoms and underlying problems.

Now when it comes to how much you should take, there is no sure fire way to understand what dosage and type of extract works for you, so begin with the lowest dosage and gradually climb up. If you feel the dosage quantity or the type of extract is inadequate and ineffective, bump up the dose or shift to another type of extract.

All in all, make sure that you make a visit to the doctor and consult them. This is to ensure that the CBD products you will consume will not chemically react with medication that you are currently on. Plus they will tell you clearly what to do and what not to do, to ensure that you have the best chance in treating arthritis with CBD.